STUDENT GALLERY 18 Circles & Silks SoloThe AntiGravity National Training Facility offers a wide variety of weekly classes at multiple levels of instruction.

  • To view our most accurate Class Schedule:
    See below. Our schedule is updated on an hourly basis & features additional class information.
  • Note to Students:
    Each month, the Class Schedule may be adjusted slightly to fit the needs of students and instructors. These class changes will be reflected on updated Monthly Class Schedules, which are posted on website, Facebook (AntiGravity Orlando), and at front desk at the beginning of each new month.

Class Level Descriptions:

Class Levels will be enforced starting March 31, 2014. Existing students may continue attending classes that they are currently or have previously taken. See front desk for questions.

  • None. Everyone welcome.
  • None
  • Fitness classes at low-heights only.

  • Attend (at least) one L1/Conditioning Class
  • None
  • Low-heights only.
    (utilize safety/ hand-loop/ harness)

  • Attend (at least) one L1/Conditioning class.
  • Perform L3/ Intermediate tests sufficiently.

  • 2 consecutive pull-ups.
  • 2 consecutive v-ups.
  • 2 consecutive silk climbs.
  • Height restrictions based on student’s discretion.
  • Skill restrictions may also apply.
  • Attend (at least) one L1/Conditioning class.
  • Perform L4/ Advanced tests sufficiently.
  • 5 consecutive pull-ups.
  • 5 consecutive v-ups.
  • 1 inverted silk climb.
  • Skill discretion based on student’s strength & instructor’s discretion.

  • Attend (at least) one L1/Conditioning class.
  • None
  • Skill discretion based on student’s strength & instructor’s discretion.
  • Height restrictions for Beginners
    (utilize safety/hand-loop/harness)


Scheduling Policy:

AntiGravity NTF reserves the right to adjust the Class Schedule on a monthly basis. All ʻClass Pass Packagesʼ expire 4 weeks after date of sale. Please check MINDBODY, Facebook, or front desk for updated Class Schedule on a regular basis.