About AntiGravity®

★ The AntiGravity® National Training Facility is an all-inclusive training facility, providing all levels of instruction for Aerial, Fitness, Extreme Acro-Sports and Dance disciplines, each taught by AntiGravity® Professionals.

★ Particular attention is focused on safety and technical principles for each instructional discipline, in order to build a strong foundation and to develop correct technique.

★ All instructors and participants must agree to respect each other and the facility, learn to work as a team, demonstrate admirable work ethic, encourage self-confidence and utilize creative freedom.

★ Instructors will provide instruction reflecting the AntiGravity® Brandʼs unique style of “sports theatre performance,” while also upholding fitness industry standards & educational practices.

★ Each student is guaranteed a safe, insightful, enjoyable experience.

AntiGravity®  Mission:

★ To inspire the world to become lighter in body and mind; spreading health and happiness through innovative movement; living up to the name AntiGravity- in both senses the word. 


Artistic Mission & Goals:

★ To create performances that invoke the primal dream of flight.

★ To combine art and sport into our own athletic aesthetic.


Community Mission & Goals:

★ To create unique fitness programs and apparatus to combat the effects of inertia and inspire an active lifestyle.

★ To create well-playing and prestigious opportunities for athletes beyond competition as well as professional work for production related staff.

★ To take part in numerous benefits in order to help raise awareness and money for many worthwhile causes.

★ To act as ambassadors for our country, our city, and our sport as we travel and perform world-wide.

Business Mission & Goals:

★ To ensure that our trademark is known and respected worldwide as an international brand associated with professionalism and excellence in entertainment and fitness.

"We defy GRAVITY as a     

       means to inspire LEVITY."

School   Philosophy


★ Inspired by the dream of flight, and created through the collaboration of dancers, athletes and acrobats, AntiGravity® has pioneered innovative Fitness Programs and is respected internationally as a premier Aerial Performance & Entertainment Brand.

★ AntiGravity’s® unique “athletic performance” style, is the translation of extreme sports skills into performance art.

★ This integration of art, sports & science has inspired countless world tours, awards shows, and full-length productions, and has evolved into innovative fitness programs like AntiGravity® Yoga.

"In Life, Hidden in the Forces that pull us Down,

                         is the Energy to lift us Up!"

★ AntiGravity® is an established, respected entertainment brand inspired by the dream of flight and levity, created through the collaboration of dancers, athletes, and acrobats.

★ AntiGravity’s® exciting and unique “sports theatre” performance style, is the translation of athletic skills taken from competitive disciplines into performance art. AntiGravity’s® success is the result of extreme talent, groundbreaking performances and innovative concepts.

★ This collaboration of art and science has been distributed to a wide array of target audiences via corporate shows/industrials and established fitness programs. This team of dancers and athletes use aerial contemporary dance, an assortment of specialty acts, and athletic stage choreography, to create edgy, “extreme cirque-style” entertainment.

★ AntiGravity® performers strive to excel in the fields of health and wellness, and dream of defying gravity through acro/aerial performance.

AntiGravity®                 Brand & Ideals

★ In the early 1990’s, Christopher Harrison, an entrepreneurial minded athlete, champion gymnast, snow-blader, street skater, and college cheerleader turned Broadway dancer had a vision of merging the athletic and the aesthetic.

★ Mr. Harrison, always the trend-setter, understood the explosive nature of sports on stage and set out to combine the two.
He also discovered that what was once unique to the circus could be reconceived utilizing athletes to create a wholly new movement vocabulary.

★ He gathered fellow champions eager to let go of the “rules and regulations” of their sport and formed a performance company whose objective was to “challenge the limits of physicality”.



AntiGravity® Business Hours:

Monday: 6:15pm-9:30pm

Tuesday: 5:45pm-9pm

Wednesday: 6:15pm-9:30pm

Thursday: 6:15pm-9:30pm

Saturday: 11:45am-2pm

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