AntiGravity Starz Program

★AntiGravity's Mini/Youth Professionals Program is called 'AntiGravity Starz'. 


In this program, gifted young aerialists are given opportunities to learn from Expert Instructors and Professionals and will have further performance opportunities. 

More information, including details about applying to Starz is below!

Train and perform like an AntGravity Pro with our STARZ Performance Team! 
For aspiring aerialists ages 10-18.

What you need to know:

 Program will require a minimum number of tuition-based training hours and at least one Starz class per week. (Wednesday evening availability is preferred. Schedule & tuition TBA.) Ages 10-18 yrs.

Video submission is required to apply. All videos must be received by FRIDAY February 22, 2019. Please email to (Paperwork to follow within application process.)


Video Requirements: 

(A.) Please videotape 1 minute of class-based footage on each of the 3 standard apparatus, including silk, lyra & hammock. Students should simply film their favorite skills in a continuous sequence, highlighting their best assets in a safe manner. All skill levels will be considered for separate levels within this program. Multiple videos may be sent, with up to 5 minutes total footage. (Please no performance-style/ staged/ professional videos or costumes.)
(B.) Please videotape the following ‘minimum strength requirement’ which includes at least 2 pull-ups, 2 v-ups and 2 rock-n-rolls. (Preferably performed consecutively to the best of your ability. Note: This strength requirement will not be a disqualifier for students wishing to apply.)
(C.) Additionally, please videotape yourself stating full name and years of aerial experience, whether it has been at AntiGravity or elsewhere. (This can be included with in one of your other videos.)

Additional Policies: AG Management may not help students with video material (including Heather, Sarah, Daniel). Decisions regarding applicants/schedule/tuition will be made pending applications received, and will be announced during the last week of February. Program will begin in early March. Specific dates TBA.

For questions, please see Front Desk during business hours or email

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