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Q: Who is your aerial/acro inspiration?


Q: If you had to pick one skill on one apparatus to define you and your personality, what would that skill be and on what apparatus?


Q: You were once a student… During this time do you remember a skill that you struggled on and took time to perfect? What was the skill? And explain how it felt to achieve this skill after struggling to do so.


Q: So far in your professional career as a performer or teacher do you have a moment where you have been proud of something you’ve accomplished? What is it and when in your life?


Q: Do you have a dream place to train, teach, or perform? If so, where?


Q: Tell us about a goal you have set for yourself that with hard work and determination you were able to achieve.


Q: What is your favorite AntiGravity moment?




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About Us

About AG

About Us

AG Orlando


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Facility Description

Facility Description

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AG Company History

Company History

         About Us

AG Company Resume

Company Resume

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AG Acts for Hire

Acts for Hire


Facility Description

Facility Description

About Us

AntiGravity® Officially Authored Techniques:

AntiGravity Fundamentals

Restorative Yoga

Suspension Fitness

Aerial Yoga




AntiGravity® Yoga Principles:

AntiGravity® Yoga—Stretch further and hold challenging postures longer utilizing the AntiGravity® Hammock. This new yoga acts as a soft trapeze, supporting you as you master simple suspension techniques leading to advanced inverted poses.


AntiGravity® Yoga is unique; not only is the comprehensive technique fun to do, it is unbelievable for relieving compressed joints and aligning the body from head to toe.

AG Yoga Core Principles & Benefits--
AntiGravity® Yoga is designed to improve one’s overall health and well-being. The following principles are at the core of its values and are taught in each class.

  1. Decompression of Joints: as a method to better posture and minimize risk of injury. This also can be helpful in healing hip and back pain due to compression.

  2. Inversion: as a method to decompress vertebrae, aid with mental depression, increase circulation, and to help learn a proper handstand.

  3. Muscle Flexibility: as a method to improve posture and minimize risk of injury by increasing agility.

  4. Core Strengthening: as a method to improve posture and minimize risk of injury by increasing agility.    

  5. Economy of Motion: as a practice to incorporate in everyday life for the sake of maintaining healthy joints.

  6. Swinging: as a spatial awareness exercise while balancing in multiple planes as a way to improve balance and agility.

  7. Movement Sequencing: For the sake of increasing mental/physical connection while creating beauty, minimizing the risk of “physical fluster” in everyday life.

  8. Breath as a Rejuvenator: Consistent Breathing while exercising to encourage basic renewal and revitalization.

  9. Cocooning: For the sake of completing one’s practice by going inward and focusing on the breath.

  10. Conquering Fear: of inversion—a very popular, underdiagnosed form of dyslexia by increasing body awareness.

  11. Lightness: Using laughter as an additional way to defy gravity. Incorporating lightness into one’s fitness program.

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