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"We defy GRAVITY as a means to inspire LEVITY."

Community Mission & Goals:

 ★ To create unique fitness programs and apparatus to combat the affects of inertia and inspire an active lifestyle.

 ★ To create well-playing and prestigious opportunities for athletes beyond competition as well as professional work for production related staff.

 ★ To take part in numerous benefits in order to help raise awareness and money for many worth-while causes.

 ★ To act as ambassadors for our country, our city, and our sport as we travel and perform world-wide.

Artistic Mission & Goals:

 ★ To create performances that invoke the primal dream of flight.

 ★ To combine art and sport into our own athletic aesthetic.

Business Mission & Goals:

 ★ To ensure that our trademark is known and respected worldwide as an international brand associated with professionalism and excellence in entertainment and fitness.

Discovering More:

★ AntiGravity® is an established, respected entertainment brand inspired by the dream of flight and levity, created through the collaboration of dancers, athletes, and acrobats.

★ AntiGravity’s® exciting and unique “sports theatre” performance style, is the translation of athletic skills taken from competitive disciplines into performance art. AntiGravity’s® success is the result of extreme talent, groundbreaking performances and innovative concepts.

★ This collaboration of art and science has been distributed to a wide array of target audiences via corporate shows/industrials and established fitness programs. This team of dancers and athletes use aerial contemporary dance, an assortment of specialty acts, and athletic stage choreography, to create edgy, “extreme cirque-style” entertainment.

★ AntiGravity® performers strive to excel in the fields of health and wellness, and dream of defying gravity through acro/aerial performance.

AntiGravity® Business Hours:

Monday: 6:15pm-9:30pm

Tuesday: 5:45pm-9pm

Wednesday: 6:15pm-9:30pm

Thursday: 6:15pm-9:30pm

Saturday: 11:45am-2pm

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