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Aerial Acts:

Similar in appearance to Aerial Silk, the AntiGravity Hammock provides a stunning new twist on this graceful aerial act. The aerialist is suspended in midair within the silk apparatus, allowing the performer to float over audiences. She manipulates her body inside the silk cocoon, creating exquisite shapes with grace and flexibility. The aerialist will wrap herself into contorted poses, climb outside the fabric, hanging and spinning and dropping within the apparatus with incredible fluidity. Hammock can be performed as a lyrical aerial ballet, or as a more dynamic, energetic act. (Note: This apparatus is also available as a guy-girl duet.)

Aerial Hammock Act: 

This classic aerial act features silk fabric suspended from a single point at the ceiling, which the aerialist effortlessly manipulates as he or she climbs, wrapping the silk and twisting through impressive positions. This solo act offers an ethereal yet exciting quality as the aerialist floats in midair, and also performs impressive drops & spins.  Provided the set up is right, a "circle fly" can be done with this apparatus out over the audience. Female silk artists typically perform their act with a graceful yet dynamic quality. Male performers usually incorporate more strength-based skills for a more masculine quality. However, there are endless options to customize acts in order to fit unique or specific event requirements (additional fees may apply). Act theme and music requests are acceptable for commissioned acts in which a wide range of stylized choreography can be utilized to accomplish almost any artistic vision.

Silk Act:

This dynamic aerial act is performed on a spinning circular apparatus called a Lyra. The aerialist seamlessly transitions through acrobatic skills, demonstrating graceful strength & incredible flexibility. She spins with beautiful speed, creating stunning shapes that will hypnotize audiences. Provided the set up is right, a "circle fly" can be done with this apparatus out over the audience. Lyra is an iconic circus-style apparatus that incorporates aerial dance, promising an unforgettable experience for audiences! 

Lyra Act (aka: Aerial Hoop): 

This exciting aerial act features an aerialist performing fluid movement within an Aerial Frame, or window-like apparatus. The performer spins in midair contorting into amazing shapes within, on top of, or hanging below the frame. This novelty apparatus provides an interesting twist on a seemingly simple structure.

Aerial Frame Act:  

This popular specialty act is always a crowd-pleaser! Its performed by two stunning females in moving seamlessly, contorting their bodies into amazing shapes within a spinning cube structure. This aerial duet demonstrates a unique dimension of partnership and risk in midair. Aerialists use the unique cube apparatus to display dynamic and flexible movements, creating graceful living sculptures in midair. This unique duet guarantees a positive reaction from guests!

Solo Cube Variation:  This aerial act features a single aerialist moving within, on top of, and below the spinning cube structure. This aerial duet demonstrates a unique dimension of partnership and risk in midair. This act highlights the aerialist’s flexibility, strength & poise. In addition to choreographed acts, the Aerial Cube also provides an effective apparatus for solo atmospheric entertainment.  

Aerial Cube Duet: 

Double Bungee takes classic ‘dancing bungee’ to exciting new heights as an innovative & explosive aerial duet! In this adrenaline-evoking duet, the performers are suspended in midair by elastic cords, which allow the couple to flip, spin and fly above audiences. A feat of amazing acrobatic skill & ingenious rigging, this one-of-a-kind act is performed exclusively by AntiGravity. Double Bungee is an exciting, dynamic act that will energize and impress audiences!

Double Bungee Act:  

This adagio partnering act is performed by a couple dancing in midair, assisted by Aerial Straps. The thin rope-like strap apparatus is actually made of two strands of very strong webbing that can be rigged in a variety of creative ways. The couple uses these straps to create beautiful shapes using dynamic aerial partnering choreography, symbolizing the passion they share. The performers are lifted together, executing spinning, swinging and synchronized acrobatic skills. The male performer lifts his partner into graceful poses with amazing control as they fly together in unison.

Straps Adagio Couple: 

This aerial trio is a uniquely dynamic act, in which three mesmerizing females use three aerial hoops (aka: Lyra) attached to the Carousel apparatus to perform stunning aerial chorography in unison. Considered one of AntiGravity’s most successful and renowned ‘signiture acts,’ Carousel was seen at high-profile events like Obamas Inauguaration and at the Grammy Awards with Pink. The aerialists ascend into midair, generating incredible speed allowing the trio to twist into amazing positions and spin with flawless precision. Individually, the girls execute dynamic aerial tricks, and together, create ethereal shapes that will hypnotize audiences.

Carousel Trio Act: 

This standard duo aerial act is a classic staple in Circus Arts, performed by an acrobatic couple assisted by a Trapeze, Aerial Straps or Silk. Unlike the ‘Straps Adagio Act,’ these performers are not necessarily a “couple” symbolizing a romantic relationship, however, base/flyer positions will be established. They create beautiful shapes using dynamic aerial partnering choreography. The performers are lifted together, executing spinning, swinging and synchronized acrobatic skills. One performer may lift his/her partner into ‘porting’ positions so that they make stacked poses or hang from each other’s limbs. At other times, they may fly together in unison with amazing control & precision.

Duo Aerial Act (Available using Trapeze, Straps or Silk): 

This innovative aerial act can be performed as a solo or duet. Performers utilize various harness-style rigging structures attached to a specially designed umbrella prop. Synchronized choreography is used to create a uniquely dynamic act that will mesmerize audiences.

Aerial Umbrella Act:  

This act is a great choice for venues lacking adequate ceiling height for other aerial trios such as Carousel. Cube Trio can be modified to fit other requirements for almost any event. Three aerialists take turns performing acrobatic skills on top and inside this spinning structure. Then two performers climb into the cube, and transition smoothly through symmetrically spinning designs. Finally the third performer joins, creating beautiful intricate shapes that will impress any audience. This act can be performed as a graceful and fluid aerial ballet, or as an energetic, more up-beat dance routine.

Aerial Cube Trio:

Ground Acts:

This explosive act features AntiGravity Boots, also known as “jumping stilts.” AG Boots offer an innovative fusion of extreme pogo stick and stilts, allowing performers to propel themselves 15 feet in midair as they jump and flip. AntiGravity Boots can be performed either as a 5-7 minute act demonstrating AntiGravity’s signature style and flair with acrobatic choreography set to high-energy music… Or AG Boots can be used for ‘ambiance-style entertainment,’ in which the performers jump, stroll & interact with crowds for a set time period, creating an energetic atmosphere for any event. The boots are extremely agile, allowing performers to run through a crowd, jump off a stage and tumble on pavement.  This original AG act was featured at the 2002 Olympic Winter Games Closing Ceremonies, got a standing ovation from Michael Jackson and the music industry in Radio City Music Hall at the MTV Video Music Awards with P. Diddy and most famously at the Obama Inauguration.

AntiGravity Boot Team: 

This whimsical ground-based act utilizes our one-of-a-kind spinning apparatus called the Gravitron. This innovative ground-based setup provides the illusion of flight, allowing acrobats to perform dynamic aerial-like skills even when aerial rigging is not available. This exciting act can feature either 2 or 4 females interacting within and on top of the spinning structure, as they create exquisite shapes with skilled synchronized movement. An aerial hoop or silk hammock  can also be attached to a point in the center of the Gravitron, adding another unexpected aerial twist to the performance. This unique and versatile apparatus will impress any audience!

Gravitron Act (2 or 4 performers):

This athletic, crowd-pleasing act features two enormous Olympic-style trampolines positioned on each side of a 12 foot wall, in which AntiGravity acrobats leap, fall, and flip from with incredible height and accuracy. Our highly-skilled gymnasts dramatically jump off of the wall onto the trampoline structures and walk vertically up the wall back to the top, using either side to perform difficult acro combinations resembling ‘extreme parkour.’ The act builds in intensity as the acrobats fly through the air, performing daring tumbling tricks, partnering combinations, and explosive group choreography.  This custom-made structure and exciting choreography with impress all audiences!

Trampoline Wall Act: 

Our extraordinary team of male and/or female performers utilizes an impressive metallic 9x9x9 ft cube to demonstrate innovative acrobatic choreography in this crowd-pleasing act.  The free-standing, large box-like structure allows performers to climb, balance, and hang within the cube, fusing acrobatics, dance & parkour. Our standard version of this group act usually involves a team of 4 performers, but can be modified with only 3 performers.

All-Male Standard Act: Performers jump and swing from pole to pole, incorporating flips as they transition on top of & within the cube. Performers demonstrate superhuman strength as they hold their bodies in a variety of vertical handstands and horizontal positions (resembling Chinese Poles).

All-Female Variation: A more feminine version of this act provides an unexpected flare to any event. 4 stunning females perform this act, incorporating intricate dance choreography and adding wrist loops to the structure to be used for spinning & swinging from pole to pole. The music for this act may be altered or customized for virtually any theme or occasion- resulting in a spicy, energetic, sultry or lyrical act depending on specific requests (additional rehearsal time may be required).

Cubeology Group Act: 

A captivating and unexpected addition to any event! Audiences will be mesmerized by our towering 25 foot tall pole (7.6 meters) bending forward and backward, and swaying side to side in a graceful, yet hypnotic rhythm. The structure is topped with an ethereal female figure effortlessly controlling her momentum as she interacts with onlookers.  The freestanding structure is completely self-contained, requiring absolutely no additional rigging or ground-support. The base in which the pole is secured measures 8x8 ft in dimension, and provides a very sturdy platform for performers to safely mount the apparatus. The airy white fabric and sheer scarves used to construct her long elaborate gown are used like props, appearing to float in the breeze. Our Sway Pole Aerialist can also spin atop the structure, an innovative element unique to AntiGravity alone (costume modifications may apply). Other specialty features engineered exclusively by AntiGravity include a variety of ‘safety components’ unlike any other Sway Pole. For example, AntiGravity’s unique setup features a back-up safety connection that's attached to the performer at all times. We’ve also designed a hidden waist harness & padded metal leg restraints welded to the pole column, which allow performers to move more confidently with multiple points of contact. Additionally, a custom rope & pulley system is used to assist the performer when mounting/dismounting the apparatus in the safest and most effortless way. Our one-of-a-kind Sway Pole provides the highest quality construction with the top talent available. The act is especially effective for large venues, festivals, outside events, and theme parks that benefit from continuous attention-grabbing entertainment performed on a structure that can be seen even from long distances. This unique act guarantees a reaction like no other!

Sway Pole: 

Our incredible acrobats (usually male) utilize our free-standing poles to demonstrate superhuman strength, balance, and stamina.  The 9 ft metallic pole structures are free-standing with no outside support or rigging necessary. Performers climb on, hang from, and even spin using their pole structure, which becomes a creative fusion of acro-sports, circus & parkour. Acrobats can slide and flip from the pole, and execute impressive handstand poses and sustained horizontal positions. Our performers will leave your audience awe-struck! 

All-Female Variation: A more feminine adaptation of this act is also an option. Acrobatic sequences combine with fluid dance choreography to become a notably more graceful and sultry act. 

Chinese Pole: 

Hand Balancing is a collaboration of power and balance, resulting in the ultimate display of athletic ability, focus, and expertise. Our Hand Balancing Duo is one of AntiGravity’s most requested acts, featuring two incredibly strong men performing acrobatic maneuvers in which they lift each other up to balance in impossible positions. Extremely advanced skills, such as planches and other equilibristic positions, demonstrate the acrobats’ amazing strength and control. This Hand Balancing Act is guaranteed to impress any audience!

Hand Balancing Duo: 

This solo act is an energetic crowd-pleaser, in which several hoops are juggled by our stunning hula hoop artist, and also have the option of lighting up utilizing internal LED lights. The female performer uses either ‘standard’ light-weight hoops to demonstrate an assortment of acrobatic tricks, dance choreography & contortion elements. OR this act can also be performed utilizing our ‘light-up’ LED hoops, which are programmed to display spectacular colors & shapes throughout the act (additional fees apply). The performer then manipulates the hoops using all parts of her body, adding the hoops one-by-one until several hula hoops circle her body in unison. This unusual display of control will liven-up any party or event!

Hula Hoop Act:

This exquisite act features a beautiful female performer contorting her body with stunning control, while displaying the ultimate in flexibility and strength. Her contortion routine is stylized and polished through years of training and professional experience. This act can be performed as a choreographed routine or as effective ambient entertainment. A variety of staging options also exist including the performer being positioned on a platform stage, on a smaller table-like platform, or using cane structures to balance on top of. Contortionists also have the ability to roam throughout a room, utilizing a more “strolling style” of performance. Each of these options will impress audiences, and will enhance any event!

Contortion Act: 

This is an enchanting act performed within a large transparent sphere which is usually positioned inside a pool allowing the artist to appear as if inside a bubble floating on water. This novelty act will provide a fascinating visual experience for guests, intended as atmospheric walk-by entertainment. The performer moves with fluidity transitioning through stunning shapes that highlight her flexibility. Your guests will admire her grace and confidence as she effortlessly twists her body combining acrobatic skills, dance choreography and elements of contortion. Although Water Ball is intended as a floating performance, it can also be booked as an enhanced contortion act on dry land (prices may vary).   

Water Ball Act (aka: Floating Sphere or Bubble Act): 

Kids are mesmerized by this playful act! This unique shape-shifting circus act features a male performer contorting his outter shell into amazing super-human shapes! This incredible Human Slinky can be stylized as a comedic effect or a stunning display of body manipulation.

Human Slinky Act: 

Our team of incredible performers (male and/or female) are trained to use movement developed from military obstacle courses & martial arts, mixed in with break dancing & tumbling skills. Our acrobats utilize props & complex environments to run, flip, hand-stand, swing & climb from all parts of their equipment in the most impressive & efficient ways. This act is a playful, crowd-pleasing display of athletics.

Parkour Team: 

Harness wall-walking is an exciting & extreme acrobatic display of super-human skill! Performers scale the sides of buildings just like spiderman. This repelling type act will stun audiences as they witness performers run, flip or dance across both vertical & horizonal surfaces!

Wall Dancers & Repelling:

This brand-new act is a great choice for outdoor venues or locations lacking the ability to utilize normal aerial rigging. The 3.5 foot metallic cube is supported by a sturdy ground base, and requires no additional rigging. lacking adequate ceiling height for other aerial trios such as Carousel. The Cube Duet features two girls taking turns performing acrobatic skills on top and inside this rotating structure. They transition smoothly through symmetrically spinning shapes that will impress all audiences, using the unique cube apparatus to display dynamic and flexible movements, creating graceful living sculptures. This act can be performed as a graceful and fluid aerial ballet, or as an energetic, more up-beat dance routine.

Freestanding Cube Duet:

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