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★ Students learn to spread their wings in our Instructional Areas, complete with mirrored walls, safety mats & an impressive assortment of aerial apparatuses (see list below). Vaulted ceilings over 40 feet high and several high-speed AntiGravity Aerial Motors allow for unlimited possibilities! The facility also features a complete dance studio, and Fitness Department, including Pilates & Circuit- Training equipment. The venue also features theater seating for 200 guests and a full-sized stage with custom-built fly systems- providing our students & professionals plenty of aerial toys to learn & perform on!


★ An assortment of Aerial, Fitness, Extreme Acro-Sports & Dance classes are available at all levels of instruction, beginner through professional levels. Highly-trained instructors provide a safe, inspirational environment for all students to reach their potential & accomplish their goals! The multi- purpose facility also serves as a Performance Venue, providing countless performing opportunities to students!

Our facility offers an incredible variety of      specialized aerial acrobatic   
               equipment & custom rigging

★ Olympic-Style Trampoline & “Trampoline Wall” Set-Up

★ Cyr & German Wheels

★ AntiGravity Boots (Jumping stilts)

★ Trampoline Staircase (One-of-a-Kind! Built using several mini-tramps)

★ Aerial Swinging Chinese Pole

★ Free-Standing Spinning Poles

★ Motorized Turn-Table (Used for Hand Balancing & Contortion)

★ Cubeology (Acrobatic apparatus comprised of Chinese Poles that form a cube shape)

★ Gravatron (Ground-based spinning apparatus)


Aerial Rigging & Fly Systems

★ 12+ High-Speed Aerial Motor Points (AntiGravity Certified Motors)

★ 5-10 Static Aerial Points

★ 5 Counterweight Aerial Points

★ “Peter Pan” Style Fly-by-Wire Track

★ “Circle Flight” Fly System

★ One-of-a-Kind Wall Running Track (suspended 40 ft high around the perimeter)

★ 2 “Big Bungee” Rigs

Custom Staging
         & Specialized Equipment

AntiGravity® Orlando Unique Features: 

Tramp Wall Exclusive
Coming Soon!

AntiGravity® Business Hours:

Monday: 6:15pm-9:30pm

Tuesday: 5:45pm-9pm

Wednesday: 6:15pm-9:30pm

Thursday: 6:15pm-9:30pm

Saturday: 11:45am-2pm

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