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Christopher Harrison


Christopher Harrison founded AntiGravity® Inc in 1991 as a vehicle for sharing his artistic discoveries in movement.


Christopher Harrison created Original Shows and Original Flying Techniques in order to safely express beauty & virtuosity in the air.


Christopher Harrison created AntiGravity® Yoga in order to share his philosophy of reconnecting the body and mind.


A former world-class gymnast and Broadway dancer, Harrison created AntiGravity® Fitness Techniques to be accessible to the general public so everyone can share his “gift of flip”.

"Open up space in your body and you open up space in your Mind."


    personal Guarantee

Rather than ask people to just believe in the benefits and safety of my AntiGravity® techniques, I borrow a phrase from the great German philosopher, Karl Jung.



Suspend your disbelief...

... If you can suspend your disbelief, I can bring you to better health and less pain, allow you to feel the joy of flying and actually increase your physical height --- in just one session.  

AntiGravity Fitness is my offering to you.  It is the result of a life time of effort, experience and inspiration.  Because I created it, I can guarantee it personally!  

Suspend your disbelief. Experience


is the Founder and Creator of the internationally renowned entertainment and fitness brand AntiGravity®. As the Artistic Director of his company, he has conceived and produced over 400 entertainment productions from Broadway to the Olympics to the Academy Awards to Disney films to the Metropolitan Opera to flashmobs. In 2009 his was the only non-singing group invited to perform with the A-list celebrities at the Presidential Inauguration of Barack Obama.

Christopher Harrison

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